Hebrew School Homework

July 24, 2020

Each month, we assign 'Hebrew School Homework'—a few episodes or other resources that we plan on talking about in the following episode. Do you need to watch every month? Probably not, and we'll do our best to recap the relevant points. Listen, worst case scenario you've watched a little bit of Star Trek.

Season 2 (2021)

Episode Homework
1: Literally Saving the Whales

TNG Force of Nature (7x09)

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

2: Time, Space and Courage none
3: After the Burn

DSC That Hope I You, Part 1 (3x01)

DSC Forget Me Not (3x04)

DSC Unification III (3x07)


DSC New Eden (2x01)

ENT Awakening (4x08)

5: Benny Russell is Dreaming of Us

TOS Let That Be You Last Battlefield (3x15)

DS9 Far Beyond the Stars (6x13)

6: Conversion (no, not matter/anti-matter conversion)

DS9 You Are Cordially Invited (6x07)

7: Time Helix


8: Captain David Gold: Don't Call it a Midrash (Parts I & II)

"Creative Couplings" novella by Glenn Hauman and Aaron Rosenberg, found in either a) Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: Creative Couplings (anthology); or b) S.C.E eBooks #47 (Part 1) and #48 (Part 2)

"An Easy Fast" by John Ordover, found in Tales from the Captain's Table, ed. Keith R.A. DeCandido.

9: For You Were Strangers

DS9 Sanctuary (2x10)

Yom Kippur Bonus Episode: Live from the Jewish Museum


10: Space Nazis (Or, Misadventures on the Paramount Backlot)

TOS Patterns of Force (2x21) and ENT Storm Front, Parts I & II (4x01 & 4x02)

11 - Coming November 2021

TNG The Inner Light (5x25)

12 - Coming December 2021






Season 1 (2020)

Episode Homework
1: Where No Jew Has Gone Before none
2: A Delta Quadrant Yom Kippur VOY Day of Honor (4x03)
3: Q the Accuser, and Other Creatures TNG All Good Things... (7x25)
4: Golem Picard Star Trek: Picard season 1 (1x01 - 1x10)
5: Jews in Space

TNG Sub Rosa (7x14)

TNG Journey's End (7x20)

6: Spock Z"L, Leonard Z"L

TOS Amok Time (2x01)

TOS Journey to Babel (2x10)

TAS Yesteryear (1x02)

7: The Lobed Elephant in the Room

TNG The Last Outpost (1x05)

DS9 Family Business (3x23)

DS9 Bar Association (4x16)

DS9 The Magnificent Ferengi (6x10)

8: Darmok Picard TNG Darmok (5x02)
9: The Goatee Inclination

TOS The Enemy Within (1x04)

TOS Mirror, Mirror (2x10)

TNG Datalore (1x12)

DSC Despite Yourself (1x10)

Yom Kippur Bonus Episode: Day of Honor / Day of Atonement none
10: Seventy Facets: Jews, Gender, Jadzia and J’naii

TNG The Outcast (5x17)

DS9 Facets (3x25)

ENT Cogenitor (2x22)

11: The Clerk of Gallitep

DS9 Duet (1x19)

The Accountant of Auschwitz (CBC Gem|Netflix)

12: Four Ensigns Enter the Pardes

LD Temporal Edict (1x03)

LD Moist Vessel (1x04)

LD No Small Parts (1x10)





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