October 19, 2020

Seventy Facets: Jews, Gender, Jadzia and J’naii

This month we're talking about gender in Judaism and Star Trek. We look at episodes where Trek and has tried (and usually failed) to have a conversation about gender and sexuality, and episodes where Trek maybe isn't trying to say anything about gender and sexuality at all, but we hear it anyway. We explore Jewish approaches, including our obligation to uncover parts of the Jewish tradition that have been occluded from traditional narratives. Plus we chat about Torah and Star Trek with Rabbi Andrea Myers, who serves queer Jewish communities in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Rabbi Andrea is a spiritual counsellor at the All of You Wellness Centre, and they are the author of The Choosing: A Rabbi’s Journey from Silent Nights to High Holy Days.

HSHW: TNG The Outcast; DS9 Facets; ENT Cogenitor.

One last thing... we are cognizant of being two cis het podcasters talking about queer issues. One of the goals of our show is to bring in voices and texts that reflect the immensely diverse reality of the Jewish world. We welcome feedback to StarTrekAndTheJews@gmail.com or @StarJews.

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